#013 – After Graduation with Slade Lane

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podcastimageAfter a while, a new episode of the podcast is here.This time, Slade is back to talk about life after graduation. We both recently joined the ranks of the unemployed and this change has resulted in many a fearful look at the future. We hereby present our musings on these matters.

#012 – Debbie Pinto

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Today on the podcast, Debbie Pinto talks about leadership. An energetic and optimist student, she’s held several leadership positions during her college career at Union College. Although she didn’t have the qualities she thought made a good leader, she realized her strengths were equally useful. From executive vice president of the associated student body at Union to president of said organization, Debbie is now the president of the Adventist Intercollegiate Association.

S004 – Sesión Acústica con Guillermo Ximenez

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Esta semana Guillermo Ximenez vuelve al podcast, pero esta vez no para una entrevista. Sin mucha planeación pero con muchas ganas, realizamos una sesión acústica al principio del año. De los cinco temas, dos aparecen en su disco “Por la eternidad”. El resto incluye un himno y dos cantos originales que no lograron entrar en el álbum.

Guillermo se une vía Skype para hablar sobre esta experiencia y de lo que sigue.

#011 – Doug Barahona

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Doug Barahona, my first guest for 2016, recites a spoken word poem he wrote about his experiences in the street and his subsequent conversion to the Christian faith. He now studies religion with a pastoral care emphasis at Union College in Lincoln, Neb. Doug came to the podcast to talk about his life in the streets, his time at a Christian school, his early involvement in the church and his hopes for the future.

S003 – Ed Quezada

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Mi hermano Ed está en el podcast esta vez. Aprovechamos estar en casa para grabar un episodio de fin de año. Hablamos un poco de nuestras resoluciones para el 2016 y de lo que se viene. Como mi hermano está relacionado con el cine, hablamos de las películas que nos gustaron este 2015 y de lo que saldrá el año que viene.

¡Feliz año nuevo!

#010 – Claudia Pech

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After a busy month, I am back with another episode. This time, Claudia Pech is on the show to discuss immigration. We talked about Trump’s comments, the difficulties of being an undocumented immigrant, and the current state of the conversation surrounding immigration. Also, Claudia told me her immigration story.

Happy holidays!