Sabbath days (part four)

This is the fourth and last post in the series Sabbath days. You can find the previous posts in the archive. Part one. Part two. Part three.

Sabbath is meant to be a refuge, not a prison. It protects the needy, the displaced, and the powerless.

—Matthew Sleeth, 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life

My story with Sabbath from when I began college until now is completed. Yet, there’s still so many more Sabbaths I’ll get to live. So, really, the story is all but over.

I have decided my Sabbaths must change. I need to keep the Sabbath holy again and find joy in it.

When you are in school, your life is measured in semesters and breaks, and every new school years comes with an opportunity to do things differently. Perhaps even more than a new calendar year, this new school year came with many resolutions.

For starters, I need to study more and relax more efficiently. I want to practice smarter and enjoy my last year of college more than I have enjoyed the other three combined. More importantly, however, I want to develop a strong relationship with Jesus. If I prioritize these resolutions correctly, the last should be the first.

If I am only able to succeed in one of the above I want it to be my relationship with Jesus. If I seek God’s kingdom first, He will take care of the rest.

Last week, I stated I had a decision to make. I either asked God for help or I quit. I decided I would ask for help.

Countless times I’ve tried to change my ways. Over and over I have told myself I would spend quality time with God everyday and I would keep the Sabbath holy. Yet, I have not been able to keep those promises.

So, I must ask for help. God can help me spend time with Him. He can help me keep his Sabbaths.

Sabbath is a gift. Sabbath is a blessing. Sabbath is a weekly chance to remember who God is and to put our lives in His hands.

Sabbath is not about the law. Sabbath is about us and God.

May God help me keep his Sabbaths holy.

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