I don’t want to write today

I don’t want to write today, but I have to because I decided I was going to write every week. I’m trying to develop something I don’t have: discipline.

Some would say I do because I spent about three hours in a practice room every day playing clarinet. Sometimes, however, I don’t really do it well or at all.

Also, I was supposed to be writing during the week on Mexican politics. It’s been two weeks since I have not done it because I have been finishing some school work and I just did not feel like putting in the work required.

I went to bed last night thinking today I’d write about the fruits of the Spirit. Guess what? I didn’t feel like writing. And I still don’t, but I want to feel accomplished.

Today, I feel far away from my family.

Today, I feel far away from God. I don’t even feel like I can open my Bible right now without feeling so much guilt it would just overwhelm me. I wish I could just add a Bible verse. I am reciting my favorite one in my mind (Joshua 1:9), though.

I know today will pass and tomorrow will be brighter. I’ll be fine and might even forget I felt like this today.

It’s just one of those days. Pardon the cliché.

It is part of the Walk.

In all this, however, I will thank God like the Israelites did even in excruciating pain.

I will thank God because His mercy and love endure forever.

I invited two friends to write for the next two weeks. Although it was not part of the idea, that time might help me get out of where I am at the moment and then be back to write about it.

I’m excited to bring to you two different perspectives in these same space.

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