#001 – Why Do We Pray Before Meals?

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Last night I got together with two friends to discuss why as Christians we do/should/shouldn’t pray before meals.

These are some of the readings that we did:

If you have an answer to the question or a story you would like to share, please do it below. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

2 thoughts on “#001 – Why Do We Pray Before Meals?”

  1. hey there! In fact this is an interesting subject, I had not questioned myself about WHY but I had been thinking about WHAT we say when we pray for the food. I agree with the 3 reasons that gives the article that you read and in the same way with the fact that we are doing it to be thankful. In the first book of Thessalonians 5:18 says: “Give thanks in everything, for this is God´s will for you in Christ Jesus”

    In my personal experience, when I pray for meals, I begin by thanking for the day and what has taken of the same, and then for the food, by which not all have such great privilege of eating 3 times or even once a day, and recognizing that he is the giver for everything we have. God doesn´t need us to give thanks as we need to. After I ask Him to be blessed it, I ask if in some way I could help others with the food I receipt everyday, Finally I ask for some other situation of time to be special or that has me concerned at that time. It bothers me to make repetitive prayers and I´m against that. Eating everyday is a routine and may the prayer in this case also can be converted to that and that´s the danger. When I pray I try to brief and be aware of what I am asking to God, and that although it´s a small pray I try to not be repetitive and always find a reason more to thank.

    And about the question “why”…We have the example of Jesus first in Matthew 6 to teach us how to pray and show as like the prayer model. It is interesting to analyze the part that says “Give us today our daily bread.” To see in the biblical commentary, mentions that this part refers to a “daily supply sufficient to maintain the life” and also mentions that “everything we have comes from God and in the heart should always have gratitude for his goodness. Including both spiritual and physical goods”. (P. 337)
    Another practical example is when Jesus asks the blessing and gives thanks for the food before feeding to the 4000 and 5000, and even reached to feed all and more. Teach us that although He performs a miracle, he took the following steps: to thank, ask the blessing with faith recognizing his father as the giver of all, sharing with others until plenteous blessing, aware that the giving and sharing with others, our Father will give us greater blessing.
    So YES, I will continue to pray for each meal and YES I think it´s important and it was interesting to listen to you guys and analyze it. I hope I have been clear and explain my point haha. Have a nice week Enrique.

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    1. Thanks for listening and commenting! As you said we can find examples of people praying before eating. It is also a time to thank God for His blessings and, why not, go beyond the food.

      Have a good week, Cintia!


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