Inconsistency is one of my biggest fears. When I decided to open one more blog (as I mentioned before, I had blogged before), I believed I’d be able to at least write something once a week. And it worked for about three weeks. Although I’d hoped I could do it, I really didn’t believe and knew that at some point I would fail. And so I did.

It is kind of hard to blog once a week. It is hard to find something worth writing and sharing with others. Even then, only a few people will read it and I have to ask, is it worth writing for those few people? I’d like to say it is. But then again, I see them all the time and can say this things in person.

Then more questions come. Is this blog waiting for more readers? Maybe more people will pass by and like what I’ve written and will go back and read the first posts. Or maybe not.

Anyhow, I’ll try to write a little more, even if it is basically all stream of consciousness. Perhaps you’ll like my thinking or at least find it interesting.

For now, have a good Friday night and Saturday, or have a happy Sabbath!