Everybody is a villain

This entry concludes the first series of “Eveybody is . . .” Maybe, just maybe, it becomes a thing. We’ll see.

What is a villain? In a movie, play, or novel, a villain is the character with evil actions and motives that is relevant to the story. So, the guy nobody cares about could be a pederast, but because he only appears once, he is not a villain. Perhaps I’m taking it too far. Whatever.

The second definition I found in the New Oxford American Dictionary refers to a person who is responsible for a specified harm. Because this is real life, and seldom runs like a novel, we’ll go with this other definition.

Now, I won’t tell you how I am your villain or how you are mine, I’ll just say that just because I am a villain today to my best friend, I can be a hero today to a homeless man. You can be a hero today and a villain tomorrow.

  • Christian villainy has permeated history in a still, for some, unforgivable manner.
  • Many Americans see Muslims as villains.
  • Americans are Mexico’s villain. Mexicans are the U.S.’ villain.
  • Socialists think capitalism is a villain. Capitalists think socialism is a villain.
  • The poor (or middle class) see their villain in the rich. The rich see villains in the poor.
  • Gays are villains, heterosexuals are villains, machistas are villains, feminists are villains.
  • Women are villains (don’t get mad), men are villains (because they are all the same), the in-laws are villains, children are villains.
  • Atheists are villains, Catholics are villains, Seventh-day Adventists are villains (Nazi Germany, Rwanda genocide), Westboro Baptists Church is a villain, Pentecostals are villains.
  • Pharisees are villains, Jesus is a villain (I cringe at the thought, but he was a villain to the aforementioned).
  • . . .  . . .  . . .  . . .
  • .  .  .    .  .  .    .  .  .    .  .  .
  • .   .   .      .   .   .      .   .   .      .   .   .

The list never ends. We’re all villains.

But, I thought I was a hero, and a lover, and a fool. What about that?

I am, and you are as well, a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. We all are.

We all are heroes, lovers, fools, and villains.

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