Everybody is a fool

I make a fool out of myself all the time. You probably do it, too.

Whenever I read things I wrote a few years back, I feel embarrassed and want to delete those words to make sure nobody can read them ever again. Most likely, I will be having the same thoughts when I come back to this entries. I certainly think this way whenever I revisit my previous blog.

Here’s the less revelatory statement I will make (hopefully): We all make mistakes. I expected everyone to know this. So, what’s the deal? The deal is everybody makes mistakes. This fact carries two lessons.

1. Don’t worry about failing. We all do. We all will.

It’s okay to be horrible at one thing. You are probably good at another. And even in your forte, you will err over and over again. The good news is that it is not such a big deal, because everyone is just as stupid as I am. I am not any less or any more stupid than you (I probably should be careful with these statements).

Don’t compare yourself to others in a destructive way. I believe it is important to see where one is the journey compared to others who are walking a similar path, but only when this comparison has a constructive mission. Other will make different mistakes. Your mistakes are unique. Therefore, your path has different turns and intersections.

By now, you probably know I bring my Christian faith into my ideas. So, if you are a Christian it is important to remember that we are saved by God’s grace, and that it doesn’t matter how much we fail, but that we accept Jesus’ calling to pick up our mats and walk.

2. Don’t criticize those who fail. We all do. We all will.

Really, if we’d like others to forgive our shortcomings, why should we even hesitate to do the same to others? Christian or not, remember the Golden Rule. To me, this is not so much a self-serving rule as it is a reminder of our humanity and our responsibility to build others as they build us.

If someone fails, you can critic. I’m a fan of critique, not criticism. Let’s be critics and not criticizers. We’ll all be better off that way.

Do I have a concluding statement?

I don’t think so, but let’s try it.

Don’t be a jerk. Be a fool, but never the same one.

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